Know, grow, protect and enjoy South Africa's indigenous plants


Learn about South Africa’s diverse indigenous plant heritage, why their ecosystems matter so much, and how to conserve them in your own area.

Roots and Words
South Africa’s Bushveld Vegetation: An Introduction
A new field guide for Overberg Renosterveld
Earth Overshoot Day: Climate Crisis Impacts on South Africa’s Plant Diversity
Our Living Libraries: Why are Botanical Gardens so important?
Forests of South Africa
Greek Gods, Fire & Snow: An introduction to Proteas
A Megadiverse Country: Introducing South Africa’s biodiversity hotspots
The science of names: An introduction to plant taxonomy
Ericas of the Southern Cape
Diversity unparalleled: An introduction to Ericas
#ForNature: An Introduction to the National Biodiversity Assessment
Stewardship and Grasslands: An interview with Isabel Johnson
Endangered Species Day: Threatened Plants of South Africa
Meet the Marasmodes: A celebration for Freedom Day
Blooming Beautiful: An introduction to South Africa’s winter rainfall bulbs
Summer Blooms in the Kogelberg: Walking the Palmiet River Trail
Erica verticillata: Rewilding an iconic species on Rondebosch Common
KZN Coastal Branch: The secret life of mangroves
After the fire: Bettys Bay fynbos five months on
Paintbrushes of the Veld: Spotlight on Haemanthus
BotSoc Beyond Botanical Gardens: Exploring Microhabitats in Overberg Renosterveld
Perfect Pincushions: Introducing the genus Leucospermum
Out of the dust: A mass flowering of Brunsvigia bosmaniae

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