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BotSoc Council nominations: AGM, 3 July 2021

Nominate your BotSoc council now! 

Dear valued member

It gives us great pleasure to share with you more information about the 2021 Annual General Meeting of the Botanical Society (BotSoc). Our AGM has been scheduled for 3 July 2021 – almost two months earlier than usual. We have been able to arrange this scheduling thanks to our new, streamlined financial infrastructure, supported by an able National Office team.

Due to Covid-19 considerations and following last year’s successful online AGM, BotSoc council has decided that we shall meet online again this year for our AGM. We are delighted that this facility now extends the opportunity to participate to more of our members across the country. We encourage you to attend the AGM and have your say!

All notices will be posted in accordance with the BotSoc Constitution.

We shall share more detail on the meeting and the agenda in due course.

For the time being, as the term of incumbent council members ends on 3 July, our first responsibility is to call for nominations for members of BotSoc’s new council. We welcome your participation in the process of nominating and electing BotSoc’s new council.


Calling for nominations

We have pleasure in inviting you to nominate members in good standing to serve on the BotSoc council from 3 July 2021 until BotSoc’s next AGM in 2022 – some 12 months. Many of the current council members have indicated that they are available for re-election if nominated. However, the chairperson may not serve for more than three consecutive years. I am therefore not available for re-election to that role.

Our treasurer Henk Beets and council member Caroline Petersen have indicated that, due to increased work demands, they are not able to stand for re-election. The new BotSoc council that we all elect at the AGM will consist of nine members. This will include the new chairperson and treasurer as specific appointments through the voting process.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE Council nomination forms

DOWNLOAD THE Council nomination process.

A. Nominations by a branch

Every BotSoc branch may nominate up to five members in good standing – for example, nominations for chairperson, treasurer and three council members or any combination. Branch nominations must be supported by at least three branch committee members.

B. Nominations by BotSoc members

A group of members may similarly nominate up to five members in good standing to stand for BotSoc council. Each branch nomination must be supported by 10 or more branch members.

Please submit nominations by email rather than paper copy to limit handling of documentation as we may be approaching the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In all cases, you are not restricted to nominating prospective councilors from your own geographical area or branch. We encourage you to consider the wealth of highly suitable and diverse members throughout BotSoc who are able and willing to serve as a council member and would contribute to the range of skills needed to add value to BotSoc council’s strategic and operational endeavors in leading BotSoc dynamically into the future.

BotSoc wishes to ensure effective demographic balance (region, race and gender) on our council, as well as a balance of skills and experience. We urge you to give this issue due attention when considering your nomination(s).

All fully signed and completed Nomination forms are to be submitted together with a short CV of the nominee.  Since all nominees will be posted on the BotSoc website, we recommend that a recent photograph accompanies the CV.

Nominations must be submitted via email: or delivered to the National Offices at Kirstenbosch Gate 2, or Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens by the same deadline.

We value your active participation in BotSoc affairs and look forward to seeing you at the online AGM on 3 July.

Marinda Nel

Chairperson, Botanical Society of South Africa













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