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From stately trees and beautiful flowering shrubs to simple algae, the plant kingdom provides us not only with unimaginable beauty and colour, it sustains all life on earth.  Plants provide food, material for building and heating, fibres for clothing, most of our medicines and much of the air we breathe.

Yet we are failing to protect this precious resource.

South Africa is uniquely rich in plant life.  Our country is recognised as one of the top 10 countries worldwide for the richness of our plant species and second for plant endemism – plants found nowhere else on Earth. 

Despite this, South Africa’s plants are threatened by habitat destruction and degradation, too-frequent fires, alien invasive plants, and, most recently, a huge increase in the poaching and theft of succulent plants and bulbs.  Add in the impacts of climate change, and it is clear we must urgently address this challenge. The latest national statistics state that almost one in seven of our plant species is threatened with extinction.

The Botanical Society of South Africa stands at the forefront of the struggle to preserve our country’s rich diversity of plant life. We work in a variety of ways: by devoting our time and expertise, participating in projects and events and donating funds to plant-protecting projects.

If you believe in the need to protect our flora, you can make a bequest, also known as leaving a legacy, which can be an extraordinarily powerful way to show your love for nature.


Support our work

Please email if you would like to talk to us about leaving a lasting legacy.

Including a bequest to The Botanical Society of South Africa in your will is a way of making a substantial gift without having to spend any money now. This could be your personal memorial: a green, beautiful and living testimony to nature due to your vision and hope for the future.

We ask your help. Consider making a bequest as a profoundly important and personal commitment to conservation, helping turn the tide of extinction: a living legacy for the future.

Your gift will help to:

– Ensure we respond to the plant poaching crisis

– Help us protect important plant areas and threatened species

– Increase human conservation capacity and awareness

– Create conservation career opportunities for youth

– Support botanical gardens and plant collections

– Promote wise management of important plant habitats


You’ll also join our Heritage Circle

By leaving a lasting legacy, and informing us of your intention, you’ll be invited to join our Heritage Circle. The Botanical Society’s Heritage Circle is a special group of people who feel as you do, that our efforts to preserve our rich and diverse flora – particularly the plants and landscapes unique to South Africa – must continue beyond our own lifetimes.

As a member of this select group, you will be invited to exclusive functions, where you can meet the dedicated people working to protect our indigenous wild plants, and learn more about our efforts to secure the future of our magnificent flora. We would also like to present you with a token of our appreciation.

Why should I make a bequest in my will?

It is important to have an updated will which makes your wishes clear as to the future of your estate. You may wish to consider family and friends, and after this, you may wish to benefit the causes you care about by making a bequest. A bequest is simply a gift of funds or property — such as land, a house or apartment — or, for example, an investment portfolio — that is left to an individual or charitable institution in your will.

Should you consider making a bequest to The Botanical Society of South Africa, we suggest you choose one of the following:

  • The residue of your estate after all other provisions have been made;
  • Or, a percentage of your estate;
  • Or, a gift of property or other assets such as a share portfolio or life assurance policy

All bequests left to The Botanical Society of South Africa are exempt from estate duty and donations tax.  There may also be tax advantages through careful estate planning, which can be identified with professional advice.


How do I make a bequest?

If you do not have a will, consider having a will drawn up as soon as possible, regardless of your age, state of health, marital status or worth. People find it comforting to know their affairs are in proper order and loved ones are to be remembered.

If you already have a will, you can add a bequest to an existing will by means of a codicil, which is simply an additional form to be read in conjunction with your will. The codicil needs to be correctly worded and witnessed by two people.

Should you wish to add a bequest to The Botanical Society of South Africa by means of a codicil, please contact The Botanical Society of South Africa by email: and we shall send you a form with the recommended legal phrasing for you to add to your will for your convenience. Should you decide to take this step, do please let us know. Informing us of your intention will not place you under any obligation, and will be treated in strict confidence – but knowing your intentions gives us the opportunity to thank you for your generosity.

Help secure South Africa’s plants

There has never been a more important time to support and protect the natural wonders that grow on South African soil. BotSoc, as we are known informally, is a member-supported organisation that offers citizen scientists, amateur nature enthusiasts, the general public, and environmental experts the opportunity to join hands and be a part of the solutions to biodiversity challenges across the country. There is no other South African volunteer-based organisation better placed to take up this huge challenge.


For further information please contact:

The Botanical Society of South Africa
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December holidays:  Office will be closed from the 25th December and reopen 1st working day of the new year

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