On 18 May the BotSoc Bankenveld Branch hosted a walk and talk giving members a chance to learn more about the trees, shrubs and groundcovers of Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden.

Top & Above: Some beautiful winter blooms in the Succulent Rockery at Walter Sisulu NBG.

The walk and talk was led by Bruce Stead, Senior Lecturer at Lifestyle College Johannesburg. Bruce has also been Principal of his own Landscaping Design School in KwaZulu Natal for more than 20 years. He has a great passion for nature and gardening with an ability to make any plant interesting, inspiring even the laziest gardener into starting a brand new garden.

Above: Group photo of all who attended the walk. Photo: Conrad Mortimor

Despite the cold and dry Highveld winter, the gardens were looking beautiful and are as always, a haven of peace away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The main highlight of the garden at this time of year are the myriad of Aloes in bloom, particularly around the Succulent Rockery.

Top & Above: Aloes in bloom in the Succulent Rocky at Walter Sisulu NBG. Photos: Nadine Vermeulen.

The walk was originally scheduled to last two hours, but the group of keen amateur horticulturalists in attendance enjoyed themselves so much so that every time Bruce politely suggested that they might like to adjourn, everyone was keen to continue with the event continuing for more than three hours in the end.

Above: The group enjoy exploring Walter Sisulu NBG and Bruce’s knowledgable and highly entertaining dialogue. Photo: Conrad Mortimor.

Bruce’s knowledgeable and highly entertaining dialogue encompassed not only the trees, shrubs and groundcovers of the WSNBG but also other SANBI gardens and elsewhere.

Above: View across the Succulent Rockery at Walter Sisulu NBG. Photo: Nadine Vermeulen.

The event was enjoyed by all who attended. Bruce is an excellent communicator and well-travelled presenter with a wonderful sense of humour. The Bankenveld Branch would like to extend their thanks to him for leading this wonderful event.

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