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Annual General Meeting 

2024 AGM Notice and

Call for Council Nominations 


Dear valued BotSoc member

Our national Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been scheduled for Saturday, 6 July 2024 at 09:00 for 9:30 until 12 midday latest.

Council has decided on an online zoom AGM to ensure maximum reach nationally and internationally, and to minimize expenditure associated with having a hybrid or in person AGM. This is especially considering the current circumstances and the financial austerity measures toward securing the sustainability of the organization.

Online voting will be available for those members present in the zoom meeting who have not chosen to submit a Proxy or Vote form via email or physical submission at our National office and prefer to vote in the meeting.

Varying load shedding timetables nationally might affect online process and will be outside the control of the BotSoc.  Contingency measures will be announced at the start of the meeting.


Call for Council Nominations 

(Submissions open 5 April 2024 and close 14 June 2024 @ 10:00 am)

The Botanical Society of South Africa’s Council is responsible for driving the strategic direction of the organisation and plays a vital role in the work of the various committees. Council members need not have formal conservation training, however, a deep commitment to the Botanical Society and its mission is imperative.  Members of Council will be active in a specific area of focus or portfolio depending on their skills and experience. Members of Council do not represent any branch, interest group or organisation, but are appointed in their individual capacity. It is very important for BotSoc to have branch representation at Council level.

In terms of Clause 18 of the National Constitution and its content, the Society invites you to submit nominations to the BotSoc Council for election at the AGM each year. All notices, communications and applicable voting forms will be emailed and uploaded on the website in accordance with the BotSoc National Constitution.

The Society wishes to ensure effective demographic balance (regional spread, race, age and gender) on its Council, as well as a balance of skills.  We urge you to give these criteria due attention when considering your nomination. Diversity at Council level is becoming increasingly more important as BotSoc’s Fundraising efforts and engagements with potential donors and funders require relevant representation. Nominees accepting will be required to adhere and be accountable to a Code of Conduct for Council members and the Council Charter. Elected members would be required to sign the Code of Conduct and Council Charter. Council will also undertake internal assessment processes to ensure optimal performance. 

Key considerations in your nominated candidate:

– Leadership and ethics – Lead ethically and effectively by cultivating the characteristics of integrity, competence, fairness, transparency, accountability and responsibility and exhibit them in their conduct with BotSoc’s interest at heart.

– Strategy, performance and reporting – Appreciate that the organisation’s core purpose, its risks and opportunities, strategy, business model, performance and sustainable development are inseparable elements of the value creation process

– Respect and uphold the values of the Botanical Society of South Africa

– Respect organisational, council, staff and individual confidentiality

 – Ensure no Conflict of interest

– Motivation to ensure BotSoc’s sustainability

– Positive and collaborative outlook and approach

You are hereby encouraged to nominate members who wish to stand for nomination and be elected to Council for a year, and hopefully subsequent years. Nominations may be made via a BotSoc branch or directly by members. Please see details below on the nomination process and forms.
We value your active participation in BotSoc affairs and look forward to seeing you at the AGM on 6 July 2024.
Kind regards,

    Botanical Society of South Africa

Council nomination process and forms

A total of nine Council members’ positions are available for election at the AGM. However, the Chairperson and Treasurer positions will be elected by a separate, specific vote, meaning that seven ordinary members of Council positions will be available. Please ensure that you clearly note on your nomination form which portfolio your candidate is being nominated for.

Choosing your council nominees

We are pleased that a number of our current Council members remain eligible and available to serve on Council to support much-needed continuity after a period of significant transition.

Kyra Lunderstedt (Current Chairperson) – Available to stand as Chairperson or as Ordinary Council member

Grant Morrison – Standing for Treasurer or as an Ordinary Council member

Murray Barnetson (Current Treasurer) – Available to stand as an Ordinary Council member

Frank Webb – Available to stand as an Ordinary Council member

Rob Soutter – Available to stand as an Ordinary Council member

Hedwig Slabig – Available to stand as an Ordinary Council member

Kathleen Smart – Available to stand as an Ordinary Council member

Roland Vorwerk – Available to stand as an Ordinary Council member

You are not restricted to nominating prospective councillors from your own geographic area or branch. We encourage you to consider the wealth of highly suitable and diverse members throughout BotSoc who are able and willing to serve as a Council member and would contribute to the range of skills needed to add value to BotSoc Council’s strategic leadership into the future. They simply need to be a member in good standing and must be willing to serve if elected. Currently there is a need for fundraising expertise on Council, however, serving on Council calls on a wide range of skills including botany and ecology. 

Process to follow

All fully signed and completed nomination forms are to be submitted together with a short CV of the nominee. Since all nominees will be posted on the BotSoc website, we would require a recent photograph to accompany the CV.  Permission to publicly share the CV and photograph should be obtained by signature on the nomination form as this will be made available to members directly and on the BotSoc website in compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act. Please ensure that no private information is supplied on the CV, such as contact details or an ID number.

Nominations must be submitted via email to the Independent Scrutineer: Ms. Annelie Esterhuyse or delivered into the sealed voting box at the National BotSoc office, at Kirstenbosch Gate 2 by 10:00 am on 14 June 2024. Both the emails and sealed voting box will be opened and counted by the appointed auditor.

Make sure that all information and signatures accompany your nominations and are submitted in time as failure to do so will render your nomination submission invalid.

Who can nominate members for Council?

Nominations may be made by branches or individual members.

A. Nominations by a branch

Every BotSoc branch may nominate up to five members in good standing – for example, nominations for Chairperson, Treasurer and three Council members or any combination. Branch nominations must be supported by at least three branch committee members..

Extract from Clause 18.3.2 of the National Constitution:

No Branch may in any election, nominate more than the Chairperson and 4 other persons, one of whom may be nominated as Treasurer, for election as Council Members.

B. Nominations by BotSoc members

A group of members may similarly nominate up to five members in good standing to stand for BotSoc Council. Each nomination must be supported by 10 or more branch members. 

Please diarise these important AGM process dates:

  • Call for Council Nominations open 5 April 2024
  • Call for Council Nominations close 10:00 am on 14 June 2024
  • Nominees’ CVs and photographs are published on the website by 14 June 2024 – close of business
  • Resolutions open on 6 June 2024
  • Resolutions submissions close 10:00 am on 21 June 2024
  • Questions open on 21 June 2024
  • AGM Postal/Proxy votes open  on 21 June 2024
  • Questions close on 1 July 2024
  • AGM Postal/Proxy votes close 10:00 am on 5 July 2024
  • AGM SATURDAY 6 July 2024

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